Saturday, July 13, 2013

Bienvenidos a Chile!

Bienvenidos a Chile!

Elder Collins, Elder Rees, The Baldins, The Humphreys, The Kimballs, Elder Carvajal & Elder Arroyo
A mere twenty two hours after leaving the Salt Lake Airport we landed in Concepcion Chile and were greeted by this wonderful sight. We've only been here 10 days and already love these great people. They put in many hours each day keeping this mission up and running. 

Hemana and Presidente Humphrey
 President and Hermana Humphrey are amazing and will be a hard act to follow. Under their leadership our mission has gained a reputation of excellence and obedience.

The Assistants (who have been wonderful in helping us every step of the way) welcomed us with these beautiful roses.

Notice the boots on the Sister Missionaries. It rains a TON here. The Missionaries wear raincoats, rain pants or skirts,
rain jackets and boots.  Everything in their backpack is in ziploc bags to protect it from the rain.

The day after we arrived we got to attend our first baptism! What a great way to kick off a mission.
We had the opportunity to meet all 188 of our missionaries. We are so lucky to be here among the Lord's finest Young Men, Young Women and Senior Couples.  

Here in Chile when the men greet each other they shake hands, then hug and give two pats on the back,
then shake hands again.

A couple of days later we had the blessing to greet each missionary and get to know a little about them. Then we had a short meeting to introduce ourselves and then a big lunch! Can you imagine feeding all those people? Me either :) Thank goodness for Lili and the office missionaries who took care of everything for us.  We loved meeting the missionaries.  Their energy and enthusiasm are contagious.
Life is good in Chile!

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