Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Little of This and A Little of That

Just a few random pictures -

Garbage Day

The garbage man comes three times a week. You just hang your sack on the fence and he comes by with a container (smaller than our outdoor garbage cans at home) and collects the garbage for the whole street. The thousand stray dogs in the city usually break open the bags looking for something to eat so he has to clean up the mess. When he gathers up all the sacks on the block a truck comes by and collects it. 

The street to our home

We travel up and down this road several times a day. It's a two way street but because everyone parks on it only one car can go at a time. There is an unwritten rule that if you are going up the hill you have the right of way.  The guy going down the hill has to pull over between the parked cars and let you by. Interestingly, the three little side streets at the top of the hill are all named Pasaje Ralph! I have no idea how people figure out which Pasaje Ralph you live on??

Dinner Time?

Space is at a premium in our new office building. A couple who were serving in the Concepcion South Mission had to go home early because of health issues. Their mission does not have another couple scheduled to come but we have one coming in October. They are giving us all the furniture but there is really nowhere else to store it so it is at the office. The couches are in the hall, the dresser is in the cultural hall and the kitchen table and chairs.....

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