Thursday, January 9, 2014

Twelve Days of Christmas

Our family gave us the perfect gift for Christmas this year.  Each of our children and grandchildren made us an ornament for our tree. We got to open one each day and we looked forward to it all day. They were so creative and we love every ornament. Every time we walked by our tree we were reminded of our sweet family.
The ornaments with the pictures were another fun surprise. When our kids were in the nursery, the nursery leaders made ornaments just like those. I loved them and hung them on the tree every year. As they got older our kids were embarrassed by their ornaments and tried to stick them on the back of the tree where no one would see them. I would move them back to the front and they would move them to the back…..  They pulled funny faces for the pictures and wrote a little note on the back. They were a great conversation piece and everyone loved them.

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