Saturday, April 19, 2014


Our mission is home to the port town of Talcahuano and Talcahuano is home to The Huáscar. Huáscar is a navy ship built by the Peruvians in 1865. In 1879 it was captured by Chile at the Battle of Angamos. She was completely restored in 1952 and is now a floating museum and memorial to both the Peruvian and Chilean Navies. On a recent Winnie the Pooh blustery type day, we had the opportunity to go on a tour with the Concepcion Zone. Three of the missionaries who went with us are Peruvians. They had learned all about the ship in school and now had the opportunity to see it.

As an added bonus the Navy was having a drill that day. It was fun to watch
them drop people in the ocean and then swing around and pick them back up.

Both of these men who work on the ship are members of the church. Brother Jara was our tour guide.

This bible was in the Prayer Room

Chau, Chau

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