Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Singing in the Rain

We are at the tail end of the rainy season here in Concepcion and boy, has it been a rainy season!  Last year was unseasonably cold but less rain that normal. This year we made up for the lack of rain last year. And when it rains, it pours! On really rainy days our missionaries wear rain paints or rain skirts, rain coats, hats and rain boots. I wish I had a picture of them in full rain gear. They have to put everything that is in their backpacks in Ziploc bags and they always wear their backpack under their rain coat. When the wind blows the rain comes in from the side and umbrellas are useless. Also useless are umbrellas from the United States. The ones here are made for the hard rains are are very sturdy. After a quick google search I found that the average yearly rainfall in Layton Utah is 19 inches. In Concepcion Chile it is 53 inches!

The road by our home after a big storm

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