Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Hand of the Lord

We recently got a new Hermana from Guatemala. She was called to serve in Peru. She went to the MTC in Guatemala and was assigned to serve in Guatemala while waiting for her visa.  After waiting for 8 months she was reassigned to our mission. When she got here we told her that her new companion was be a favorite of ours, Hermana B. She said that she had a friend in her home stake named Hermana B and they took the Mission Prep class together. They even joked before they got their calls that they would be called to the same mission and serve as companions. You guessed it – it was the same Hermana B.  Here's a little video of their reunion, The one sitting in the chair is the new sister and she knows who her new companion is. The one walking in has no idea who her new companion will be.  We love seeing the hand of the Lord in all the little details of the mission.

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