Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Little of This and a Little of That - Part 2

I have a feeling that A Little of This and That will become a frequent flyer on this blog. There's so much to share and so little time to spend blogging that this seems like the best way. I hope you enjoy seeing all the little things that make up our mission -

The man on the left is a ward member/artist. He paints a mural for each missionary representing something they are have a passion for. This Elder is a Boston Celtics fan. There are 10 more murals covering nearly every wall in this missionary apartment.

A lot of times when you rent a home it's just  the building itself.
You have to bring your own cabinets, stove, fridge, etc.
Most people don't have cars but they have these bikes for hauling stuff.
I'm guessing this is the R.C. Willey delivery guy.

This is the entire parking lot at this church in Tome. No kidding!!
 Let's just hope the guy at the front doesn't have to leave early.

This is a collectivo. It is a taxi but works more like a bus with a regular route.
When you wave it down you cram in with several strangers and go for a ride.

The buildings are so colorful! This is a long row of apartments.
A little further down they are shades of green and blue.

There is a Presidential Election coming up in November. They paint these campaign signs everywhere!
This is a freeway on-ramp. 

Oops! A guy had a little too much to drink and ran out into the road.
 Our Assistants ran into a car who was swerving to avoid hitting him. Poor truck :(

What all the cool missionaries wear to baptisms
(Dan - this is for you)

This green sign shows how at many intersections you make a left-hand (at a 3 way intersection)  or U turn.  In order to do so you pull off into the lane on the right that then curves back around to the intersection where you wait for a green light.  Not sure why that is better than a left turn lane but it probably has something to do with the lack of space which is the reason for many things here.

These Hermanas spent their pday with us yesterday. We made Cafe Rio salads, rolls and cookies.
 It was so fun to spend the morning with them.

All that cooking can wear a girl out :)

We may look happy but our hearts are breaking. We had to say goodbye to this amazing Elder yesterday.
He was the Assistant who "trained" us. He taught us so much and we are so grateful. We will miss him!

Hermana Lili mixing up a little more salad for a Mission Leadership Council meeting.
Both of those silver bowls  are full of pasta salad.  Boy can the missionaries eat!
Notice the kitchen behind her. That is a typical kitchen at the churches here.
A small sink, a couple of cupboards and a very small stove. That's it!
Everyone brings their own plates, glasses, silverware, etc for ward parties.

Presidente and his companion. There were several sea lions at the beach.
Right after we took the picture he barked and started charging us.
I'm still laughing about it.

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