Sunday, November 10, 2013

Knocking Doors

As often as possible we try to go out with our missionaries. Thursday evening I had the opportunity to go out with these two awesome Hermanas while President went with two of our Elders. The Hermana on the right just arrived in Chile two days ago! Her Spanish is pretty good and she was able to understand quite a bit, bear her testimony and pray. They had an appointment lined up for 7:00 p.m. but the investigator called an hour before and cancelled so we decided to go visit some less active members and a different investigator. None of the less active members were home and the investigator had sick kids so we only talked to her for a few minutes. We started knocking doors but no one wanted to talk to us. We saw a lady across the street who had come outside to let her dogs out. We said hello and she replied so we crossed the street to talk to her. After introducing ourselves we (and by we I mean the Hermana on the left who had to do most of the talking. She is a graphic designer and worked in New York for a year before her mission and is not a bit shy) asked if we could come in and share a message. She said no and that she only said hello back to us because she has good manners. We talked for a few more minutes and asked if we could come back. Again she said no. Just as we were getting ready to leave she changed her mind and invited us in. We sang I am a Child of God with her and she got very emotional. She had many questions which we were able to answer. She was very impressed and invited the Hermanas back for another lesson. I loved being there with them and watching them at work. They did a great job.
At 9:00 they had an appointment with a recent convert. We had to go down a dark and dirty alley to visit him. His home was one tiny room. He had a twin bed and it went from wall to wall lengthwise.  The width of the room was about 2 1/2 twin beds. That tiny room was his entire home! He was like a sponge just wanting to soak up everything the Sisters told him about the gospel. He has been to church every week since his baptism - a rarity here. As we were getting ready to leave his friend came over to visit. The missionaries had been teaching the friend but dropped him a couple of weeks ago because he wasn't progressing. We stayed and taught him a lesson and at the end one of the missionaries asked if he had read the Book of Mormon that they left with him. He said he had read it through once and was now reading it for the second time and he had some questions for the missionaries! I love that God gave the missionaries a second chance to teach him. 
Knocking doors, walking down dark alleys and sitting with four other people in a tiny little space are definitely out of my comfort zone but I loved it.  Spending time with the Hermanas was the highlight of my day!


  1. Love you mom you look so happy. I bet the sisters just love you.