Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Making of a Great Missionary

A couple of months ago we started getting reports of a companionship who just could not get along. They didn’t like each other and couldn’t agree on how to do things. As a result they didn’t have the spirit with them and the work in their area was suffering. After much thought and prayer President called them in to talk to them. Elder G was a fairly new missionary who had only been here a couple of months. Elder H was a seasoned missionary. Elder H was excited when President called them in because he knew that since he was the Senior Companion and the District Leader that President would tell Elder G that he had to listen to and do what Elder H said. Imagine both of their surprise when President told them that he couldn’t solve their problems for them. That neither of them were right or wrong but they were just different. He told them to pray and serve each other, to find ways to love each other and to become united. They both committed to do so but only Elder H really humbled himself and did what was asked of him. Elder G has a lot of pride and felt like most of the problem was with his companion and not him. Fast forward a month or two – Elder H learned many important life lessons from his experience and is now a Zone Leader and a great missionary. As I type this Elder G is back in Presidents office with his new companion. They can’t seem to get along…………………

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