Saturday, June 7, 2014

Feliz Cumpleaños Presidente!

Thursday, June 6th, was Kent's birthday. And not just any birthday but his 60th birthday and his first here in Chile.  I racked my brain trying to come up with a meaningful gift for him. Ever since we attended the mission presidents seminar in February he has been pushing for each companionship to get 140 contacts per week. Elder Ballard promised great blessings if we did so. Every chance he gets he reminds the missionaries to talk to everyone and get their 140 contacts. One zone even had this awesome t-shirt made for him.

 The 11th Commandment - Talk with everyone!

Back in February our mission was averaging around 7,000 contacts a week or 57 contacts per companionship per week. It has been steadily increasing and we have preached it a LOT. Before Kent's birthday I emailed all the missionaries and asked them to get 140 contacts last week as a gift to him - and they did it!! Last week our mission contacted 17,639 people or 150.8 per companionship!! It is not counted as a contact unless they teach some doctrine and ask to visit them and share some more. Our missionaries are amazing! Here's a video of our Assistants giving Kent the good news -

Contacts2 from Michele Arrington on Vimeo.

Our office missionaries also planned a surprise birthday lunch for him. What a fun day!

Our Office Elders decorated the entire office. This is the entrance.

Even President Martinez, President of the Chile Concepcion South Mission, came to the party.

Darling cake made by Hermana Balden

The whole gang!

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