Thursday, June 12, 2014

Taking a Sick Day

In our mission there is a house for four Hermanas that is close to a factory. Outside of the factory is a big sign counting how many days they have been accident free. The Hermanas in the house seem to be especially sick/accident prone so they decided to make a sign of their own -

Translation -
Days Without
Calling Hna Balden (the mission nurse), Dr. Gomez (a local Doctor who is a member) or President Arrington
Notice that every category is a big fat ZERO!  Zero days without calling, zero days since one of them was sick, and zero days accident free. This was not a good week for them. We are hoping for better days ahead.
As a side note - the rug was made by our mission secretary. She cuts up old clothing and crochets the rugs. They are a hot item among our missionaries.

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