Thursday, October 9, 2014

We're Flexible

 Here on the mission we have come to expect the unexpected. We make great plans but they often get changed because when you have 240 "kids" there's bound to be a surprise or two each day.  We have learned to be flexible and we joke about it so much that our assistants gave me this shirt for Christmas last year.

We always get a notification a few months in advance about the new missionaries we will be getting. Tuesday was transfer day and we were getting nine new missionaries. We were prepared with nine trainers, and nine areas for our new missionaries to serve in. The nine included six new elders and we didn't have any elders go home this transfer so we needed to open new areas, get new houses set up with beds, dishes, etc...  As the new missionaries were collecting their baggage we were counting heads to make sure they all made it. 1, 2 ,3 .... 8, 9, 10! What? Yep, we got a bonus elder :)  Good thing we're flexible.

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